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Birthdate:Jul 9
Location:Indiana, United States of America

Time for the 2008 annual revision of my user bio ... some of it's changed, some of it hasn't.

"To be exact, I'm a lazy-ass who loves to look at clouds. I'm not the type who tells other people what to do. The only thing I can do for them is believe in them." - Shikamaru.

Warning - I am known to use unpleasant methods to deal with Drama. Involve Me In Drama At Your Own Risk.

As an important note : THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC JOURNAL. You want to find out what's in it? Fine. Find me, get to know me, and then I'll let you peek into my life.

First off, I am known as Smith Walther Winchester. SWW for short (and I will actually answer to this in real life). Pope Gunman the Fnord if you are a fellow discordian and are paying absolute inattention to this. Or "The Gunman", as at least one person has taken to calling me.

This is my avatar. Yes, I am generally found with two cats. They are Heckler and Sig. I like cats, and will likely name the two I plan to get this year Heckler and Sig, unless they dictate that other names are essential.

This is my other avatar, as drawn by a nice girl in an IRC channel I hang out in. I am widely regarded as a bit of an anime dealer, the kind who is notorious for addicting people to anime.

I am 30, generally quiet and reserved, single and slowly growing less happy about that, putting great energy into changing how my life is going, rather bored most of the time that I'm not playing City of Heroes / Villains with some good friends, and somewhat confused all of the time with the frequently incomprehensible actions of my fellow humans. I am also alarmingly zen in most situations, although some people do mistake it for not caring about what's going on. (It's not that I don't care, it's just that I tend to avoid expending energy I don't need to expend.)

I have a thing for honesty, and as such, I don't mince words or 'try to not hurt people' with my thoughts - if you ask me for my opinion, expect it to be very honest. The flip side of that coin is also true - I have a serious problem with dishonesty in others ... lying to me is pretty much never a good idea (I can think of a few exceptions, but I've never had to deal with any of them yet outside of 'theoretically speaking').

One of my biggest flaws is that I can be extremely unforgiving of others when I've been intentionally and willfully hurt. I am immediately forgiving of honest mistakes (provided the person who screwed up is actually doing something to rectify the matter). My other serious flaw is that I tend to not trust other people very easily.

I also had a bizarre habit of constantly carrying a pair (or two) of handcuffs on my belt unless I am in a situation that would absolutely demand I not do so (Like, say, being at work). I use them to test the observation skills and intelligence of people around me. Sadly, this has only served to confirm for me that humans are frequently very dumb and fail to notice details, but I keep doing so anyways. After all, not EVERYONE is going to ask if they're real ... or so I will continue to hope despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. Sadly, I have had to stop doing this since I moved - it seems that where I used to live, no one really cared about this. Around here ... it tends to cause problems.

I am very much a weapons person : guns, swords, knives, spears, et. al. make me go "oooh, shiny!". I am, however, actually non-violent by nature : I channel my aggressive tendencies out in other ways, and will always seek an alternative to violence unless I have no alternatives.

I am very much a fan of anime : It is my entertainment form of choice, and I will gladly sit and watch an entire season of Ranma 1/2 before I'll sit and watch a single episode of any of the US-Produced drek that is spewed onto the airwaves (there are RARE exceptions to that, but they're so few and far between it's not even funny). I am not particular on genre, and will gladly go from comedy to fighting to romance to tragedy to action to what could arguably be a children's show, all without skipping a beat. I am particular on the Sub vs. Dub war, and take my anime Subtitled whenever possible (I am actively allergic to certain dubs, especially if I have seen the series in subtitle before - the skill of Voice Acting in the US seems to be a dead art outside of the major in-country animation studios, and the concept of casting APPROPRIATE voices is frequently even more lost on the conversion staff).

I will admit to being very good with children, but I am NOT fond of dealing with them. I also (as of this point in time) fully intend to spend my entire life without any of my own to be bothered with (I'm the cool uncle, but I definitely don't want to be Daddy).

Human stupidity is a constant irritant to me. I deal with it on a regular basis, and while I can easily forgive someone who really can't grasp it (ask anyone, I have a surprising willingness to help Seniors and the Mentally Challenged with tech issues) ... I utterly hate and abhor people who are too lazy to be bothered with doing the basic essentials to mastering life in the current age, which includes reading the manuals and giving proper answers to questions when that doesn't help. Seriously. If you're too lazy to read the manual or tell me what I need to know, don't expect ME to tell you how the hell it works.

Also, as a former PC tech, I beg you ... Get Firefox!. For the good of your computer - as this means I am far less likely to have to fix it.

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Smith Walther Winchester is just another random entity, with an oddly varied set of opinions on the world and a relatively quiet disposition most of the time. He also has a lot of odd job skills.
Strengths: Quiet, Thoughtful, Analytical, Will gladly go the extra 500 miles for his friends, posesses medical knowledge
Weaknesses: Cold and Ruthless if he doesn't see a reason not to be, keeps others at a distance.
Special Skills: Encyclopedic knowledge of weapons, Geek Squad Sleeper Agent of the Virus / Spyware Killing variety, Expert Listener.
Weapons: Anything, with a strong preference for firearms, handcuffs, and/or moderately-sized blades.
Games: City of Heroes, City of Villians, Civ4, Emergency 4, Heroscape, Lunch Money, Powerstorm, anything Beta.

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